The Northern Fleet has received an upgraded anti-submarine aircraft

The air base of the Northern Fleet naval aviation Russia had adopted a modernized version of the anti-IL-38. According to the website of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, in addition to IL-38N anti-tasks can perform patrol and reconnaissance missions. Unlike the previous version of the Il-38N is equipped with a new set of on-board "Novella" capable of using radar to detect submarines, surface and air targets at ranges of up to 320 kilometers. The system includes a digital computer, two control room operators, high-resolution thermal imaging system, a magnetometer, optical sensors of various types and other equipment. Due to the complex "Novella" Il-38N may be in addition to purely military tasks to perform tasks in the field of oceanography, ecology and exploration, as well as used for the preparation of magnetic and gravity maps of the Arctic Ocean. At the armed Il-38N are sonar and magnetic floats new generation in excess of the number of parameters, their foreign counterparts. Information from the discharged buoy comes to the display of monitors operators complex "Novella." The effectiveness of IL-38N has been demonstrated in the course of the anti-submarine exercises of the Northern Fleet. The website of the Ministry of Defense, in the near future to version "H" is planned to upgrade most of the IL-38 Northern Fleet. Anti-IL-38 was adopted in 1969. The aircraft is capable of speeds up to 650 kilometers per hour and has a combat radius of 2,200 kilometers with a maximum flight range of 9,500 kilometers. The crew of Il-38 is seven. Aircraft are in service with anti-submarine bombs svobodnopadayuschie PLAB various modifications, corrected bombs PL250-120 "paddock", as well as torpedoes and naval mines of various types.

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