The Northern Fleet took mine danger from a big area of the Gulf of Ob

In the Kara Sea, the Gulf of Ob on the proposal of the operational command of naval force clearance (Omori) of the Northern Fleet (NF) is removed mine threat in the study area with total area of 36 km2.

Within 4 weeks from the start of demining Ob Kara Sea specialists Omori SF were found and destroyed by the explosion 11 explosive objects. The destruction of explosive devices produced after the installation of the charge to undermine the diving experts, who were making the descent from the board rescue tugboat (SBS) "Pamir".

Currently sea mine "Vladimir Gumanenko" Kola Flotilla of diverse forces SF completes a survey fairway Ob. 

It is expected that work on the mine Ob operational marine detachment clearance will be completed by the end of September. Permanent stationing of points along the coast of the Kola Bay, ships Omori came on August 10.

According to the archives in the Kara Sea in August 1943, the German submarine U-639 installed on the bottom of the non-contact type magnetic mines TMB-2, which may be dangerous and is currently in conducting underwater operations and active shipping. In this regard, the personnel of the detachment assigned the task of finding mines on the fairways and recommended ways of shipping traffic in the Gulf of Ob.

Demining activities Ob began specialists SF Navy in August 2011 The result of the rapid clearance of SF naval force in the past year was the opening to navigation of ships of all types and tonnage sea area of about 200 km2. In 2011, it was discovered and destroyed 24 explosive objects.

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