The Northern Sea Route was the first tanker of liquefied gas

LNG carrier "Ob River" (Ob River), chartered by a group of "Gazprom", arrived in the Japanese port Tobata, completing the world’s first shipment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) on the Northern Sea Route (NSR). The tanker left the Norwegian port of Hammerfest 7 November 2012. (Norway) today delivered the shipment of LNG Japanese consumers.

"The flight was made without accident, and in full accordance with the schedule," — the report of Gazprom.

Before the first pass through the NSR with a cargo of liquefied natural gas tanker was on the same route being empty, having made this October flight from Japan to Europe.

"Two flights tanker" Ob River "for a single navigation fully confirmed the technical and commercial availability of the Northern Sea Route for the international transport of LNG. First-class icebreaker services (ship accompanied by nuclear icebreakers FSUE" Atomflot "-" 50 Years of Victory "," Russia "and" Vaygach . "- Note. RBC) and pilotage, reducing the delivery time of goods, fuel economy, reduced losses from evaporation of LNG, the increase in the delivered gas and the absence of risks of conflicts and attacks by pirates on the move — all in all is a very attractive and reliable solution for inter-regional trade of LNG ", — the report of Gazprom.


With the company believe that the successful experience can count on the full use of the Northern Sea Route for the supply of Russian LNG in the Asia-Pacific region and the European market.

Gazprom and the company "Sovcomflot" agreed on the delivery of hydrocarbons to markets in the Asia-Pacific region along the Northern Sea Route in January 2012.

"The development of LNG is an absolute priority over the supply of pipeline gas to export markets in the Asia Pacific region. Deliveries of Russian liquefied natural gas northern sea route will significantly reduce transport costs and make the Russian LNG to these target Asian markets highly competitive" — then said Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller.

25 August 2012. in a test flight from Murmansk came Amur tanker with a cargo of petroleum products "Gazprom Neft". Already in the beginning of September, the tanker went out into the Pacific Ocean, and then safely delivered their cargo to its destination.

Note that before, "Cupid" by the NSR were three other tanker "SCF". The first transit flight on the NSR made in August 2010. with a cargo of oil tanker Baltica deadweight of 115 thousand tons. In August of 2011. Northern Sea Route in record time overcome even larger tanker Vladimir Tikhonov deadweight of 162 thousand tons, which became the biggest tanker ever to navigate on Arctic routes. And in October 2011. NSR held by the tanker Mar Adriana.

The Northern Sea Route or the Northeast Passage — a sea route from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean along the northern coast of Siberia from Novaya Zemlya to the Bering Strait. The modern icebreaker allows for navigation of large tankers with ice class 3-4 months of the year. The length of the NSR from the Kara Gate to the Providence Bay — 5,600 kilometers. This strategic route reduces travel time from Northern Europe to Northeast Asia by about 40%, which makes SMP cost-effective alternative to conventional routes between ports in Europe, the Far East and North America via the Suez or Panama canals.

Experts estimate that the cost of transporting goods over long distances is 5% of the final price of crude oil and up to 25% of the final price of LNG.

We also recall that in mid-November 2012. OJSC "NOVATEK" and the State Corporation "Rosatom" signed a general cooperation agreement providing for, inter alia, the conclusion of a long-term contract for the provision of icebreaking ships along the Northern Sea Route for a period of not less than 15 years.

The importance of the benefit of Russian Northern Sea Route and the Arctic in general, said yesterday the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

"It is imperative to place landmarks, it is extremely important to place the perimeter of our national interests in this (Arkticheskom. — Note. RBC) region. If we do not, we lose the fight for resources, and thus lose a great fight for the right to have their own sovereignty and independence, "- he said.

SCF Group (Sovcomflot) — one of the world’s leading shipping companies, specializing in the transportation of petroleum products and liquefied natural gas. The fleet includes 155 vessels with a total deadweight of 11.8 million tons. The company is registered in St. Petersburg with offices in Moscow, Novorossiysk, Murmansk, Vladivostok, London, Limassol, Madrid and Singapore.

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