The novelty of Concern Tractor plants — T-6 bulldozer

On the need for a modern and at the same time stosilnom compact bulldozer Russian builders and road builders talked for a long time. On the market today there are similar machines from Japan and the United States. However, not every consumer can afford to have a fleet of tractors simultaneously 5-7. The novelty of "Concern" Tractor plants "will satisfy all requests of domestic consumers of industrial machinery and at a price and quality.

  • dozers CHETRA T-6
  • dozers CHETRA T-6

— First, the engine will show you — demonstrates a new T-6 bulldozer Alexander Ivanenko, deputy chief designer of MIKONT. — It A power-plant-41SI-03 Altai Motor Plant. Diesel proven and reliable as a Kalashnikov rifle. Able to work in any climatic zones of Russia. Tractor, moreover, equipped with hydrostatic drive domestic producers "Hydraulics". Management hydrostatic transmission is carried out on-board computer with the software developer from the Russian NGO "Automatic". Radiator supplied by the "Orenburg Radiator": The local experts at specially designed this item under the T-6. Well embodied in a metal chassis for ChAZe. Russian components, and most of them on the tractor, do not let us down: the required thrust, implicit theory on field testing and has been proven in practice. The machine is in no way inferior to foreign analogues, and on a number of parameters and exceeds them. 

Alexander gently closes the engine compartment, and I pay attention to the unusual dozer blade.

  • dozers CHETRA T-6
  • dozers CHETRA T-6

— Indeed, the design of this unit is unusual — agrees designer. — Direct Hydroficated rotary blade is made by folding the sides. What is the highlight of a new bulldozer. With this solution, the machine easily without dismantling is placed inside the body KAMAZ 65117. Tractor can be transported within the city without hiring a trawl and without attracting Driver’s License. Blade warping and turns in the plan: it is made to soil not only jostled, but dumped to the right or to the left. So it has turned out not just a bulldozer, but the scheduler. The complex was a subject, but the collective MIKONT issuing, by the way, this year, a record number of new products to the surface, including a well articulated dump truck, tractors upgraded T-11 and T-35, coped with the task.

Photographer Nicholas Sergeyev adjusts the flash of his camera to work in the shop putting tractors "Promtractor" where there is a T-6, and a representative MIKONT provides an answer to the question, which is developing a new bulldozer, if in the product line of "Concern" Tractor plants "today is a 90-strong A.

— It’s simple — AGROMASH 90TG is farm tractors, it is fundamentally different chassis and transmission, which are designed to perform farming operations. At the T-6 is the main purpose — maximum performance when moving soil. Hence the appearance in the construction of the hydrostatic transmission. It saves the operator from having to shift gears when the load — tractor does everything automatically. Track heart of oak is able to turn on a dime because of counter-track, which is essential in crowded urban environments. Operated by tractor lightly joysticks.

In parting, Alexander Ivanenko said that at the international specialized exhibition "CTT 2013" T-6 enjoyed a high popularity and told about one episode:

— On the "Crocus Expo" approached Alexander Kuczynski, director of "TransStroyBel" from Belarus. He asked in detail about the new product, has studied the tractor, and then gave his assessment: T-6 is destined for success. And first of all organizations involved in civil and industrial construction, as well as laying of roads and highways that require not one or two of these machines at once. The tractor is inexpensive, easy to maintain, high quality parts. It is sure to become popular with operators in different regions of the world.

Leonid Maximov
Photos of Nicholas SERGEEVA

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