The novelty of welding equipment

In the photo (from the site of the enterprise) new welding machine FORCING-200PA.

Compact semi-automatic inverter designers have created Ryazan State Instrument-Making Plant. The welding parameters can be configured for a specific item and retain in memory.

Welding apparatus FORCING-200PA — Widespread use of single-phase machine is designed for semi-automatic and manual arc welding stick electrodes fuse. Lightweight and compact (its dimensions 475h320h310 mm and weighs less than 12.5 kg), the unit has a wide range of functionality and can be used for work in private workshops, as well as for different kinds of work in large factories.
The proposed venture RSIME (Ryazan) design solution implemented using modern components, ensures reliable and high performance welding machine properties. It is simple to operate and meet the requirements of professional MMA MMA welding in industry, housing and agriculture. Welding power from single-phase 220V, 50Hz., The output voltage of 14-28 volts, welding current 15-200 amps. This stable output characteristics of the device is guaranteed in a wide range of supply voltages. In manual arc welding welding machine welding properties provides stable at lower voltage networks up to 140 V for electrodes with a diameter of 3.0 mm. At the maximum welding current electrodes can be used to 5.0mm diameter.

Important operational feature of novelty — welding machine inverter FORCING-200PA has the ability to set the welding parameters for a specific item to save them to memory. This allows for high performance welding work on the production and good quality of the end result, but also significantly simplify the process of welding. It should also be noted low power consumption during operation of the new system and its good resistance against dust, through the effective management of the fan. The use of the automatic control of the blower can significantly reduce the amount of energy consumption, minimize dust inside the welding machine.

The new device FORCING-200PA is safe to work, to meet the requirements of regulations and a certificate of compliance. Due to its small size and weight, the unit can easily be transported to the place of welding.

All this makes it possible to use new items not only in production but also in terms of individual farms, near her house, in the garage.

His development company presented in the summer at the 21 th International Exhibition "Electro-2012" in Moscow.

Author: Alexei Labunsky

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