The number killed by heat waves will increase significantly

The number killed by heat waves will increase significantly Weather and Climate

Today we know that each year from the effects of heat waves kill up to two thousand people. Most of the victims are elderly and meteodependent people badly carrying hot weather. With increasing global temperatures by 2080, the year the situation may worsen, especially in urban areas, where the increase in temperature can reach 10 degrees.

Thus, in London +40 ° C can be normal daytime summer temperatures that virtually deprive opportunities elderly people or sick people to resist relentless heat. The sad statistics on the victims of the heat, will have staggering numbers (up to 12,000 victims a year, increased mortality of 500% or more).
Climate warming in the colder latitudes will migrate thermophilic organisms are often carriers of exotic diseases. Particularly dangerous for the residents of temperate latitudes are tropical mosquitoes that carry dengue fever and chikungunya. Not be good for people with allergies and sensitive to pollen, because the increase in the warm season extends the flowering season. The total air pollution also aggravate the situation.
Nothing good for the health of nations does not portend long rains and floods. The list of diseases that can thus worsen, are various chronic diseases and mental disorders.
Therefore, health care organizations now recommend States to invest in infrastructure that supports public health, not to spare funds for advanced technology related to improving the quality of life.

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