The number of children’s homes is reduced


In the Moscow region for the year ( ! ) Closed TEN orphanages.
In the Krasnodar region closed on 14 !!!
In just two years in an orphanage village Aban Krasnoyarsk region, not a single child.

This has not happened in Russia for a long time.

In 2010, adopted, sent to foster care, the care and custody or returned to their parents 280 children (81 percent) of the children.

Orphanage closed because ALL CHILDREN disassemble!

I recall that orphans were taking forever. There are also new children‘s home …

But this … so for a year in the county closed 10 homes was not anywhere, and never at all :)

Perhaps the next election will not all. And put a check mark is not everything.
But in this area OUR PEOPLE voted no word, and deed.
All the statistics I have not written, but it is amazing.

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