The number of livestock meat breeds in the Kuban region increased by 3 times

In 2012, the livestock of the Krasnodar Territory, engaged in cattle breeding (cattle) meat breeds, government support was provided as part of the regional target program "Development of beef cattle in the Krasnodar Territory" for 2009-2012. As a result, in 3 years the number of animals has increased by more than 3 times, the ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry of the Krasnodar Territory.


In the period of the program in the Territory was imported more than 16.4 thousand head of cattle modern domestic and foreign selection, including more than 12 thousand animals — from Australia, Europe and the United States.

In 2012, produced more than 3 million tonnes of cattle meat in live weight. Since the start of the program of specialized production of meat breeds of cattle has increased by more than 8 times.

To further increase population and increase the production of quality beef in the province developed a new target program "Development of beef cattle in the Krasnodar Territory" for 2013-2015.

At the beginning of 2013 beef cattle in the Krasnodar region involved 36 farms and peasant (farm). They contain 34 thousand head of beef cattle, including 12.3 thousand cows.

The region has bred seven breeds of beef cattle. Predominant population of Aberdeen Angus (34%), Charolais (24%) and Hereford (19%) and Kalmyk (12.7%) species.

In the Kuban created 9 breeding farms, which contain more than 8.5 million heads of cattle, representing 25% of the total population of beef cattle.

The breeding base continues to take shape, imported new breed of beef cattle, organized the new economy.

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