The number of seismic stations in Russia for seven years has almost doubled


The number of seismic stations in Russia over the past seven years has nearly doubled, to 310, which is more than it was in the territory of the Russian Federation in the early 1990s, said the director of the Geophysical Service RAS Alexei Malovichko.

In the Soviet Union before its collapse was about 500 seismic stations in the territory of the Russian Federation — about 250, Malovichko said on Tuesday at a roundtable at RIA Novosti, dedicated to the 33rd General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission. According to the scientist, in 1995, the total number of stations in Russia has decreased to 175, especially the plight of the observations of seismic situation then happened in the Far East.

Through the efforts, first of all, the Russian Academy of Sciences, which included in 1994 was created Geophysical Survey, managed to reverse the situation, the scientist said.

"We now have 310 (stations), and changed the quality of seismic stations. 20 years ago, it was the seismic analog type … but now all of our digital seismic station"- Said Malovichko.

The greatest number of these stations are located in three areas of seismic risk — in the Far East, southern Siberia and the Caucasus, the scientist added.

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