The number of white and sable in the reserve Khakasskiy for the year increased by several times

Reserve "Khakassia"


The number of white and sable, living on the mountain taiga area "Small Abakan" Reserve "Khakassia", for the year increased to five and two times, respectively, according to Tuesday’s press-service of the reserve on the preliminary results of winter surveys of animals.

"Compared with 2010, in 2011 was five times more protein and twice the sable. According to a senior research fellow reserve Ina Maymanakovoy, the reason for this surge in population has a good crop of nuts and berries, which is observed for the last two years in the mining taiga of Khakassia hungry after 2009, "- said in a statement.

According to experts, to preserve plant and animal diversity in the mountain taiga zone "Small Abakan" helped as increased patrols and combat poaching.

It is also reported that last year, a few deer population has increased, and the number of musk deer, red-listed, has not increased, but "has remained consistently high." From the traditional "winter" birds became more grouse and grouse.

Scientists were able to meet in the "Small Abakan" fox and otter, which in 2010 was recorded. "Otter is a rare species with a small number listed in the Red Book of Khakassia. Therefore the mere appearance of otters on the mountain taiga area in winter 2011 — a great success for the park," — said in a press release.



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