The officers, rocket men learn new road-mobile missile system Yars

More than 80 officers Teykovskogo rocket connections initiated the second phase of training for PGRK "yars" at the training center of the Space Forces, stationed at the cosmodrome "Plesetsk" (Arkhangelsk region). These officers will form the basis of the second missile regiment to rearm newest PGRK "Yars" with an intercontinental ballistic missile RS-24. The first missile regiment Teykovskogo missile compound (Ivanovo region), armed with the latest mobile ground missile system (PGRK) "yars", in June of this year already on combat duty in full force.

Whole process of training consists of three stages, two of which include the increasingly theoretical training and are based missile compound and training center. Well, the final stage — the practical, will be held in the missile regiment during commissioning PGRK "yars".

The history of the training center started with the 60’s, when the development of a new missile has demanded an accelerated training of officers and technical staff of the newly formed regiments. Therefore, January 20, 1967 and was formed training center, which was also responsible for preparing sergeants, squad leaders and technicians, well-skilled in the art, who can it properly operated and maintained. In the year of education on the basis of this training center were trained on a new set of technical missile base and a missile regiment. In the same year in October, the first issue was produced sergeants — 144 people.

Since 1984, the training center started training missile regiments on the road-mobile missile complex "Topol". Over the years the center has trained more than 60 missile regiments, has conducted more than 70 combat training launches, of which only four high commissions rated as "good", while the rest has consistently exhibited the grade "excellent".

Since 2010, the school moved into the center of the Space Forces, but the work on tasks in the interests of the Strategic Missile Forces (military training for new missile systems, coaching junior) continues.

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