The oil and gas forum in Surgut AZ Ural is their long-term car

Automobile plant "Ural" (part of "GAZ") is at the 15th International Oil & Gas Exhibition "Surgut. Oil and Gas-2010 "forward-looking bonnet and all-wheel drive cabover vehicles and special equipment at their base.
The basis of the exposure AZ "Ural" is a brand new development — all-wheel drive vehicle with high-capacity unit without bonnet and wheel arrangement 6 x 6. The oil and gas forum it is presented in two versions:
tractor "Ural-63704" (gross vehicle weight — 33, 4 m)
trubopletevoz "Ural-690222" with the track, the dissolution of the load capacity of 40 tons

Truck tractor and trubopletevoz equipped with:
shestnadtsatistupenchatoy mechanical gearbox ZF 16S2220TD synchromesh on all gears
mechanical two-stage transfer case with ZF cylindrical lockable center differential,
Raba Maxs bridges with staggered main gear (with cross-axle differential lock and lockable center differential on average bridge)
Coarse fuel filter PreLine,
Hella modular lighting engineering with high impact resistance
three-contour pneumatic braking system with ABS,
double cab cabover performance superior Sleeper,
in-line six-cylinder diesel engine JAMZ-650 power 412 hp (Manufactured by Yaroslavl Motor Plant "Autodiesel" "GAZ Group" under license Renault Trucks).
Also, AZ "Ural" will show at:
all-wheel drive vehicle on-board "Ural-4320-3951-58" (gross weight 21.8 tons wheel formula 6 x 6)
crane "KS 45721-17" "Chelyabinets" with capacity of 25 tons on the chassis "Ural-4320-40" (6 x 6)
Exposure heavy vehicles "Ural" shows the results of modeling updating of products in 2010, the benefits of which are:
high load capacity,
comfortable environment for the driver.

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