The old railway bridge upgrade on Sakhalin

The old railway bridge upgrade on Sakhalin. Two new bridges on the eve put into regular operation at the site Pobedino — Tymovsk.
One is located on the 460-kilometer line Korsakov — Nogliki (length — 42 meters), the second — on the 431-kilometer (18.4 meters). Their predecessors were built not so long ago — in the 70s of the last century. But here railroad passes through the swamp, and they have a negative effect on the artificial structures. In the past few years because of the technical condition of bridges are operated speed limit of trains.

Today will be adopted after the reconstruction of another bridge construction on Sakhalin. This transition length 18.8 meters across the river Fishing on the 121-kilometer. In contrast to the northern bridge, it soon would have turned 100 years old. Built a bridge even the Japanese in the 20’s, when the island’s east coast railway line was laid — the main transport artery Karafuto Prefecture.

As described in the Sakhalin Bridge Construction, the construction of the new bridge came in three stages. Back in May, during a 23-hour "window" current construction rose almost a meter by installing temporary supports. After that began the construction of permanent supports. In August, installed an additional flight. A fall during the long "window" mounted a new span and removed the old bearing.
Total for the current year on Sakhalin will be reconstructed seven bridges. This took about 700 million rubles.

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