The oldest company in the country, where let Russian samovars (Tula)

A set of "Russia"

Federal State Unitary Enterprise Machine Works "Stamp" — the only plant in Russia, engaged in the production and sale of samovars


In Russian samovars of rich nobles were in use long before the reign of Peter I, but it was in the era of so great a monarch famous Russian samovars were put on a large-scale production flow. At the time, there is an active development of steel industry in the Urals. The first documentary evidence of the production of samovars in Russia appears already in 1746.

Originally produced by simple water-heating metal vats, they later acquired graceful forms, carved handles, faucet and podstavochku. Eminent masters Russia sought to bring original ideas to the creation of samovars. So began to appear huge samovars with various inscriptions for large gatherings, on a large samovar with a list of social events and even much smaller versions of the samovar coffee.

The most popular use of samovars were produced in Tula. This was largely due to the large number of skilled craftsmen to work with metals in this city. Also in Tula organized the first large-scale private enterprise for the mass production of samovars. He opened his famous gunsmith Fedor Ivanovich Lisitsyn in the 1760s. Later in Tula opened a large number of large private companies, aimed at the production of weapons and samovars. Since then, the concept of Tula samovar became synonymous with the highest quality and reliable samovars worldwide.

To date, samovars remain a genuine interest from foreign tourists as well as the inhabitants of our country. It is for this reason that there is still a large number of companies engaged in the manufacture of samovars. Among them is the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Machine Works "Stamp" named BL Vannykova, which for more than 110 years produces and sells high-quality samovars. At the moment, this is what the company is the oldest in the city of Tula.

Amongst the samovar factory produces components for them samovar and additional accessories that regularly go on sale. It is worth noting that, despite such a long period of work in the whole production process uses only the most advanced and high-tech equipment and machines. Also on the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Engineering Works "Stamp" them. BL Vannykova running a large team of highly qualified professionals who have years of experience in the design and manufacture of products. In the factory museum houses an interesting collection of old samovars, which has more than 400 samples of samovars, samovars and accessories.

The range of products offered are electric samovars, flame, combined and painted, as well as provides services to individual and VIP-made samovars. Especially proud of the plant is a decorative painting samovars. Such Tula samovars will decorate any home or office.


Flue samovars (coal) —  electricity, do not require a prerequisite — coals, giving heat to boil water — that’s it for the realization of the tea ritual. Fortunately, nearly lost traditions of Russian tea drinking back. Here you will find combined samovar, which is aligned possibility of heating the water from both the coals, and from electricity.


Electric samovars — for heating water uses an electric heater. All electric samovar factory STAMP have a certificate of conformity, sanitary-epidemiological certificate, which contains the hygienic characteristics of samovars, samovars passport. The indisputable advantage is the possibility of electric samovars additional painting. Painting incinerator samovars is also possible, but less durable because of the peculiarities water heating.


Samovars to order — it is rare samovar with unique variations of artistic painting and patch elements. You can order painted on the design of the customer about the event or anniversary. Overhead elements — samovar samovar cast on the body — designed to order. Perhaps making castings with a logo or other memorable image.


VIP samovars — expensive, exclusive, luxury Russian gifts, beautiful and functional decoration of a spacious house, a real gift foreigner to the highest level. This samovar is the Queen of England, the presidents of many countries received it as a gift, and for business — it is rare, a real Russian gift to the same business tea party — a good excuse and environment for the negotiations at the highest level.







Samovar painted with "Peter 1"



A set of "Windstorm"


Set with a list "Zhostovo"


Samovar painted with "Tula city of craftsmen"


Samovar Zharov, 7l


Electric samovar (zheludevidny)

Samovar with painting "Winter"

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