The Omsk refinery opened a new park alkali

New modern complex for the storage of alkali, as well as the preparation of solutions of alkali and soda ash was put into operation in the commodity-Reagent Omsk oil refinery company "Gazprom Neft".

These reagents are used in industrial processes and process water treatment company that has a significant environmental effect. Alkali used for cleaning oil from sulfur compounds, acting as a neutralizer of acidic wastewater. In addition, modern highly reliable system for receiving, loading and storage of solutions of alkali and soda ash to minimize the risk of spills of reagents and the possibility of contamination of the environment.

The complex includes an indoor warehouse storage backup alkali, soda ash storage, units preparing solutions of alkali and soda ash, power equipment. All machines are equipped with modern control systems and is characterized by a high level of security that meets modern standards of environmental protection. And the use of automated process control system for warehouse units with alkali cooking and filling solutions helps save energy.

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