The opening movement of the new highway in the suburbs

August 8, on the eve of the Day of the builder, in Zhukovsky near Moscow hosted a ceremony of the opening of the new section of highway from highway M-5 "Ural". The bulk of construction work as soon as possible is made by specialists of "bridge builders" and a subsidiary of the association — the company "RosMonolit."

Congratulations and thanks to the builders expressed deputy chairman of the Moscow region, Dmitry Pestov, head of the city district Zhukovsky Andrew Voytyuk, representatives of the customer and general contractor — Head of Roads of the Moscow region, Konstantin Lyashkevich, Acting Director General SUO "CDI" Needing Daaev.

"Commissioning of the new road will solve a number of problems — said in his congratulatory remarks, Dmitry Pestov. — First of all — it’s convenient access to the Flight Research Institute named after Gromov, but the most important thing — the road will relieve Zhukovsky street by withdrawing transit traffic — daily passes through the city of 50,000 vehicles. Half of them — stopovers. Congratulations to all the construction workers — who in such a short time built a good, high-quality way. I am sure that with so much potential you the strength to address the challenges posed by the Government of Moscow Region. "

A new section of highway 2 km long Bole includes two artificial structure — a six-lane flyover transport length of 558 meters, the circular car isolated in two levels with a monolithic overpass total length of 33 meters. Flyover is located in the industrial zone, crosses the railroad tracks and one of the city streets Zhukovsky. About 70% of the work on the construction of piers and installation spans performed by specialists of the subsidiary "bridge builders" — "RosMonolit" and teams of SMU-2 and SMU-16 Omsk association. Directly in the construction of an overpass road junction forces made SMU-33 NGO "Mostovik".

"In technical terms, for us, this object is not unique, it is built according to current building regulations — says the Deputy General Director of the NGO" Mostovik "Nikolai Bondarenko. — For us it is unique in that it is built in a very short period of time — the object of this nature is being built 2.5 years. We performed construction for 8.5 months — actually reducing time three times. However, the work was carried out with the highest quality — control was carried out on 4 levels, including independent control. Commissioning of the road in a timely manner was largely made possible by the unprecedented purchase of land areas, demolition of buildings and garages. Only thanks to the resources of "bridge-builders" were purchased by 280 garages, as well as land owned by public agencies and private organizations, had to carry out works in accordance with the schedule. "

The first phase of the entrance to Zhukovsky, from the M-5 to the street. Co-operative, was opened in 2011 — the road is already unloaded the city by about 30%. The total length of 1 and 2 line is 6.5 kilometers. Including 2 bridge was built a total length of almost 800 meters — across the Moscow River and Bykovka, three overpasses, two transport interchanges and 1 overpass.

Client: General Directorate of Roads of the Moscow region.

General contractor: SUO "CDI".

Contractor of construction: NGO "Mostovik".

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