The opening of a branch of Novovoronezh CA professional training of workers of the Atomic

The opening of a branch of Novovoronezh training center training workers of the nuclear industry, the press-service of JSC "AEP". 

Center became the first institution to cater for the training of qualified specialists for the building block of the State Corporation "Rosatom". Total plans to open five such centers across the country. 

Create Novovoronezh UTSPR branch — part of a larger "Training programs for skilled workers construction complex", implemented within the framework of the Agreement between the self-regulatory organization of the nuclear industry and the State Corporation "Rosatom". 

Power center will produce up to two thousand professional workers per year. 


Speaking at the opening of the center, president of SRO NP "Soyuzatomstroy" Victor Trustees said: "We tried to create a strong material and technical base, meets all modern requirements, thereby producing highly skilled workers for the construction of complex objects such as nuclear power plants. There will be training the most sought-after professions: all types of welding and assembly work. Will prepare professionals for the assembly of complex reinforcing cages and formwork systems, difektoskopii. " 


According to the General Director of JSC "AEP" Marat Mustafina, for the company, which is the general designer and general contractor of Novovoronezh NPP-2, the opening of a branch of Novovoronezh UTSPR — a momentous event. 

"We are building a station on one of the most advanced to date projects. Therefore, we can not follow the concept adopted in the segment of housing: hiring unskilled labor at high staff turnover. At the construction site, we are introducing new technologies in the production system "Rosatom" use innovative methods of construction. For us, every person is valuable, important qualification of each. " 
The presence of the Training Center in Novovoronezh will actively involve the local labor force, which is also an essential condition for overcoming the shortage of construction workers. 
The first group of workers will begin training at the Training Center on October 15. And after the release, scheduled for early 2013, they will be involved in the construction of Novovoronezh NPP-2.

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