The opening of a modern fish processing plant in Kamchatka

July 21. Modern fishery for those old farm Koryakia im.Bekereva — not just a new object, it is the first to own the farm fishing coastal industrial complex processing such a high level. Previously treated fish on the farm in an old wooden workshop with minimal automation.

"Now it is a modern plant, with a capacity of 150 tons of finished fish per day, — said General Director of" collective farm. Bekereva "Boris Lavrentyev — for two months of work we went to the peak load of 148 tons, and the average consistently make 140 tons per day. We are releasing frozen fish products — bezgolovku, gutted with head, our product is aimed at the export and domestic market. "

Symbolically, the construction of a new plant coincided with the 80th anniversary of the collective farm Bekereva — last summer began to construct, and in this fishing season, took the first fish. Bekerevsky new plant is built on the basis of the former Haylyulinskogo fish factory, closed in the 90s of the last century. For Ivashki opening of the plant — a big celebration, because the farm and fishing village is inextricably linked together by one common history.

At the grand opening of the fish processing complex in Ivashka came governor of the region, accompanied by the speaker of the regional parliament and government delegations in the region. Coastal Enterprises — hope and support coastal villages and their development — the key to the future prosperity of the region, said Vladimir Ilyukhin, referring to the residents Ivashki.

"The opening of the plant — it is a great event not only for the Koryak, not only for Ivashki, but for the whole of our region. The new company will move forward the socio-economic development of Kamchatka. I congratulate all of you on this holiday, I wish you new successes of labor, welfare, and of course, good luck fishing! ", — Said the governor.

"Kamchatka’s fishing industry was going through its ups and downs. Then came the people who want to build, want to build a new, modern factories, and we are confident — all they get! Wages will rise, there will be new jobs will be coming to these shores fish — and so will live village will live Kamchatka! ", — Said the President of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory Boris Nevzorov.

For the inauguration of the plant have dated another significant event — rewarding the collective fleet captain Eugene Bedzhanova high state award. In May of this year, the president signed a decree on awarding medals Ivashki fisherman from the Order "For Merit" 2 degrees. The news was the captain of the IFA-150 and his comrades in the shop found in the sea — the crew Eugene O. is now fishing for awarding the Presidential Award of foremost farm specifically brought to the shore of the fishing area.

Cutting red tape — this is only the official part of the ceremony, the new plant is already in operation, the company employs about 300 people — most of them residents of Ivashki, there are workers from Petropavlovsk, factory workers make up 20% of visitors from the Maritime region and Siberia.

"Wages in our factory worthy — the general director of" collective farm. Bekereva "- when the plan to 4000 tons ryboobrabotchiki will receive 110-120 rubles per month and a half of work."

The company’s management has taken care about the life of immigrants and workers — for them overhauled collective dormitory. Ryboobrabotchikah on a single form, the whole process is automated processing, farm, other than the standard form of finished products introduced experimental production IQF salmon — is a promising new marketing approach, which is already interested potential partners.

The collective farm in im.Bekereva Ivashka has a great social burden — it and repair of buildings and the contents of village diesel power plant last year, fishermen in the village built a new social store for vulnerable segments of the population, one of the global projects implemented by the collective farm is a major overhaul of the bridge over the river Ivashka connecting the two banks of a fishing village that’s already 65 years old. The bridge will be put into operation in October this year. As the governor of the region, this facility will be the first bridge construction in the history of the Kamchatka region.

On the same day, the delegation headed by the governor was involved in no less momentous event, which lately so full of life settlements Karaginskiy District: Another large fishing enterprises Ivashki — the company "East Coast" made a solemn commemorative bookmark capsule at the construction site of a new plant with a capacity 320 tons of finished products per day. There are already pouring concrete for the foundation of the building. This complex will be many times greater than current operating characteristics of the plant for the production of both products and technical equipment. The activities of the new plant will contribute to increasing the volume of production, the expansion of the range of fish products, the creation of new jobs. "This is our generation’s contribution to innovation and economic development of the Kamchatka region," — said in a text addressed to posterity. The management of "East coast" is planning to launch a new fish-processing complex is already in next year’s fishing season.

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