The opening of new fire stations in the Rostov Region and Yakutia

In the village of Sal Sandata district of Rostov region opened a new fire station. The new fire station — it’s well-appointed building equipped with the necessary fire safety equipment, furniture and office equipment. Already purchased and is in the calculation of one fire fighting vehicle trail, and after 2 years will be purchased and the second.

In the village of Bethune Amginsky Yakutian opened fire department. To date, the district fire department worked 6, Betyunskaya was 7th. 
With the opening of the depot for local residents, new jobs have been carefully selected, firefighters, and Chief of the detachment was Nikolai Nikiforov. Under the building was transported old building, which repaired and renovated.
If the earlier inhabitants naslega a fire waiting for help from Amga, now equipped with a team of firefighters ready at any moment to come to the rescue. 



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