The opening of the first phase of the Centre on the basis of Microsystem Vanguard

Of "Vanguard" (St. Petersburg) — a leading and rapidly growing company in Russia the development of innovative technologies and the production of radio electronics, instrumentation and microcircuitry.

  • The opening of the Centre participated CEO of "Vanguard" Valery Shubarev and chairman of the Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade Igor Golikov.
  • The opening of the Centre participated CEO of "Vanguard" Valery Shubarev and chairman of the Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade Igor Golikov.

December 12 of "Vanguard" opening the first phase of Microsystem Center (TSMST). The opening of the Centre participated CEO of "Vanguard" Valery Shubarev and chairman of the Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade of St. Petersburg Igor Golikov.

During a tour of TSMST guests were presented with an already existing assembly area for the production of acousto-electronic devices, the zone boot process equipment monitoring center "clean rooms."

Total investment in the project will amount to 1.5 billion rubles. The first phase consists of a series of containment and process areas — complex structures to ensure stringent standards for microclimate (ultra clean air, water, process parameters of the medium). The second stage of the center will be operational in 2014.

Total assembly provides nine sites of varying degrees of purity (4th, 5th and 6th degree system ISO — classification of clean rooms). Among these areas sputtering, plasma-chemical processes, diffusion, two chemicals, two areas of photolithography and metrology area.

Products of the center can be used, for example, for a gas monitoring systems and structural safety (allows real-time monitoring of the technical condition of the infrastructure, identify interventions to prevent dangerous situations). The main applications — transport, energy, industry and utilities.

A distinctive feature of the new production facility is a high energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. The project laid and put into practice the principles of the latest energy saving, among which are the system of allocation and use of waste heat, the innovative design of the windows of industrial premises, minimizes the transmission of infrared radiation, effective neutralization of the acid-alkaline waste and cleaning of air emissions.

After a tour of TSMST a round table with the participation of representatives of CEDIPT, the Administration of the Kalinin district of St. Petersburg, Bank VTB OAO "Vanguard", St. Petersburg Association of Radio Electronics and media representatives.

The greatest interest has caused attending to discuss the prospects of production in TSMST, and the ability of companies in St. Petersburg cluster electronics and support it from the side of the city.

During the round table of "Vanguard" was awarded the diploma "For a significant contribution to the state of social and economic policy in St. Petersburg."

Source: Website of "Vanguard"


According to Valery Shubareva, "Vanguard" every year, ramping up production to 40-47%. In 2013, with the establishment of the center and re-equipment of the microelectronic manufacturing plant manager plans to double the output of the plant.

Establishment of the center comes as part of a joint Russian-Belarusian program "Microsystem", approved in 2010 by the Council of Ministers of the Union State. Parent enterprises of the program is "Vanguard" and Minsk GPNO "Planar", only 19 companies are participating electronics Russia and Belarus. In the period 2010-2014, funding for the program will amount to 2.7 billion rubles.

Of "Vanguard" is the head of the Association of Radio Electronics in St. Petersburg APRE, which in 2012 set up a cluster of electronics St. Petersburg (approved by the Prime Minister 28.08.2012). According to the data of "Vanguard", it includes 96 companies and six universities in the city, the total production volume of around 17 billion rubles a year.

Microsystem — the area of science and technology of microelectronics, with the creation of microvolume film structures and to determine the physical conditions and parameters of the media and the creation of touch-based devices. According to the association, the volume of Microsystem products in the world is more than $ 100 billion APRE CEO Nicholas Metkin says that the share of Russia and Belarus in this index is about 0.6%. By 2018, the association aims to increase this figure to 6% by the development of a new one (which has no analogues in the world) products.

Association is preparing a comprehensive program of safety, energy efficiency and conservation, infotelecommunication technology to provide a high level of social and technological development of the city and the quality of life of the population of St. Petersburg for 2013-2015.

Elena Bolshakov


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