The opening of the monument to the Snow Maiden noted ice cream

In Blagoveshchensk, a monument to the Snow Maiden. The sculpture of ice cream saleswoman Zenaida Sinitsina installed in City Park, near the intersection of Lenin and the Komsomol.

People project to perpetuate the memory of the Snow Maiden, as the townspeople called Sinitcin standing with a tray of ice cream in the winter and in the summer, started nearly three years ago. The project proponent Olga Tour noted that the idea of a monument to the Snow Maiden came in 2010, the same year and started fundraising. The townspeople managed to raise nearly half a million rubles. With these funds, and the monument was created.

Sculptor Valery overclock "sculpted" Snow White with pictures in 1984, accidentally preserved the photographer Andrew St Elias. As the correspondent of IA "Port Love" by sculpture installation, the Snow Maiden waited all summer.

"About six months it took me to create the model, and then prepared a working model, cast, welded. Cast iron sculpture, it must be covered with a special paint. She was ready in the summer, but due to the flooding and the threat of flooding installation was delayed. And finally open, "- said Valery accelerate.

After the opening of the monument to the legendary city morozhenschitse all gathered townspeople treated PLOMBIR.

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