The opening of the new plant JSC Xenon in the Republic of Mordovia

CJSC "Xenon" — is a leading designer and manufacturer of lighting fixtures, lights and lighting electronics in Mordovia. The company has established production technology, high production and design capabilities, skills and well-developed distribution network.

On June 1, 2011 at a factory in the city of InSAR mastered serial assembly production of energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps "Accord".

Produced lamps are designed for use in general lighting fixtures, local and industrial lighting.

To date, the performance of the assembly line of compact fluorescent lamps is 2 million pieces per shift, there are plans to increase the capacity up to 12 thousand lamps.

Currently the company employs 41 people, in the near future we plan to increase jobs, which will have a positive impact on the social factor of the development of the district as a whole.

In December 2010, the city Insar company "Xenon" started construction of a single industrial complex for the mass production of energy-efficient lighting fixtures, and a new generation of compact fluorescent lamps. The implementation of this large-scale project passes through the formation at the industrial sites of "tape" a completely new facility ZAO "Xenon" with the support of national authorities.

This large-scale project of JSC "Xenon", as the basis of current and future economic relevance in terms of modernization and innovation. He promises in the area of production growth and additional tax payments in the municipal budget.

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