The opening of the Palace of Sports LTK Arena in Lugansk

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych took part in the opening ceremony of the Palace of Sports "LTK Arena." This is the correspondent of the "island".

During the inauguration of Viktor Yanukovych acquainted with the technical characteristics and prospects of development of the sports complex, talked to participants in children’s soccer teams and gave them a new soccer balls for training.

"The opening of the Sports Palace in Luhansk — a prime example of movement patrons in the football world. Sport should be available for young people. Now there is a constant work on the expansion and development of sports infrastructure. Tradition, which is now, will continue. We all remember the title "Dawn", the volleyball team "Star". I know that in Luhansk love sports, maintain the tradition of the 60’s, 70’s. the last century. I wish everyone wins in this arena and Health ", — said Viktor Yanukovych.

Palace of Sports "LTK Arena" is designed for 2,500 seats, in addition, one of the sectors of the ground floor filled seats will not — there will be seated spectators in wheelchairs.

Total sports infrastructure will consist of 3 floors with a training halls, a hotel for the athletes, commentary booth. It is also planned that the Sports Palace will be the home arena for performances of FC "Lugansk Telephone Company" in the Extra League Ukraine Cup.

Help: the construction of the Palace of Sports "LTK Arena" started in 2007 on the initiative of Director of "LTC", Vice-President of the Association of Ukrainian football mini Shatsky Yuri Mikhailovich. Less than a year ago, construction was estimated at 40 million USD., It lasted for 5 years.



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