The opening of the plant

The company "Warm plaster" (Nizhny Novgorod) announces the launch of a plant for the production of heat-insulating plasters ""

The plant can significantly reduce the price and reduce the time of delivery to the end user, while maintaining high product quality. The production lines are fully automated plant. Products used in the production of German technology and components. This project is a milestone not only for the company but also for the market insulation and facade materials in general. The development of innovative technologies in the production of building materials Russia allows more efficient implementation of the energy saving program, both at the federal level and in the private ownership. Previously, thermal insulation mortar «UMKA» imported from Ukraine.

Insulation mortar "" is widely used for efficient thermal insulation of buildings and facades, possessing the smallest among other "warm" renders the coefficient of thermal conductivity. Being eco-friendly, it does not contain phenols and polystyrene foams, does not emit harmful substances, requires no additional protection from the elements, does not burn.

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