The opening of the playground!

MYACHKOVSKY Boulevard opened on the playground

In eve of the Day town in the area after the completion of improvement works were opening holidays yards, including children’s, sports grounds.

August 24 on Myachkovscom Blvd., 16, Bldg. 2, opened a new playground, furnished a variety of colorful gaming designs that are in demand right kids.

This work vramkah social program implemented by a network of supermarkets "Attack"

presented in the supermarket located at Myachkovskiy Blvd., 16. Administration officials supermarket congratulated children on this holiday. First Deputy

head of council Tatiana Uprofeeva expressed the benefit ofgratitude for the leadership of the supermarket socially oriented activities.

Were also expressed gratitude and to the partners of the project — suppliers of the supermarket "attack" that prepared for the children and all the participants of this event treats. On the platform were placed with suppliers of rack sets tasting Schelkovskogo of the IPC, the Firm

"Baltic", "KokaKoly" and other entertainers performed with the guys play, "Who is the smartest," "Who’s the fastest," "Who’s the best dancer", "Who will come up with more adjectives on the theme" Our platform — the most … ". Vramkah program was also presented развлекательнотематическая program devoted to each of the partners of the project — with contests and prizes.

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