The opening of the route Moscow Raceway

The opening of the route Moscow Raceway will be held as part of the July 14 and 15 of the Russian stage Mirovovoy Series Renault (WSR), in which the competition will be held in classrooms Formula 3.5, Formula 2.0 and Megane Trophy. Entrance to the event is free.

Multi-function circuit corresponds to the category FIA 1T, which allows for on the track as the National Championships and Grand Prix Formula 1. Designed and built track in conjunction with the German experts. The maximum length of the Moscow Raceway is 4070 m, the project provides 26 different configurations of the route, the average speed of the track — 185 km / h One of the lines allows a top speed of 311 km / h for cars of Formula 1, or 260 km / h for cars involved in a series of competitions DTM.

Circuit is situated 77 km from Moscow to Riga highway. At the same time the race can visit up to 100,000 spectators. To get on the open road and stage of the World Series by Renault is a free, details are provided in Online Russian representative office. Stage promises to be spectacular. Recall that last stepping stone to the coveted Formula 1 car with Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and many other riders were just racing series Renault.

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