The opening of two new interchanges at the Dmitrov highway in Moscow

Open to traffic on two interchanges at the intersection of the highway with Dolgoprudny Dmitrov highway and 3rd Nizhnelihoborskiy passage.

Construction of the two junctions was completed six months ahead of schedule. As the Acting deputy mayor for urban policy and the construction of M.Husnullin, the implementation of projects such as isolation and Dolgoprudnensky Dmitrov highway, according to the standards takes 38 months, but the contractor failed to complete this facility in record time — 17 months. "This pier is important, because it is always on Dmitrijevka outside Moscow, at the intersection of the Dmitrov highway and Dolgoprudnensky formed at the expense of additional traffic signals traffic jams" — M.Husnullin said, adding that now the problem is solved. He also said that with the construction of flyovers and Reserves increased the total number of lanes.

Those present at the unveiling of the residents expressed their hope that the new interchange will significantly improve the transport situation in the areas adjacent to the Dmitrov highway. This highway is used not only residents of the North, but also suburban DOLGOPRUDNY and Mytishch.

"I hope that our colleagues from the Ministry of Transport has also finished his land, which is located in the Moscow region, then in general it will be quite a modern highway and speed," — said Acting Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, adding that the region of Lublin-Dmitrov line Metro station "Marina Grove" to "Seliger" will open in 2015. In addition, the village of North planned to launch a tram up to the platform Lianozovsky, but in the Dmitrov highway will be equipped dedicated lanes for public transport are.

Length constructed overpass at the intersection with Highway Dolgoprudny — 891 m, the number of lanes — three in each direction. According to the project provides for the construction and reconstruction of the lateral passages along the main course of the Dmitrov highway, reconstruction of departures from the area of the North, the device soundproofing screen and installation of eight bus stops. The opening movement of the flyover will provide bessvetofornoe movement to Dmitrov highway on a stretch of 1.8 km.

Through the construction of interchanges with 3-mNizhnelihoborskim travel on this stretch of highway will also be provided bessvetofornoe movement. The construction project of the interchange included the construction of a tunnel length of almost 700 meters, side roads and lanes for public transport, the construction of one new and reconstruction of the existing pedestrian subway, as well as the installation of 3.6 million noise-reducing windows in homes.

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