The opening section on the five-axis plasma cutting Zhatayskom ship repair shipyard

Zhatayskom on ship repair and shipbuilding yard (Yakutia) was officially opened five-axis plot of plasma metal cutting.

Machine "Granite" is able to cut out various shapes, details at a speed of 6 meters per minute with a metal thickness of 2-3 mm.

According to the general director of the NPF "Granite" (g.Yoshkor-Ola) Ildus Bikbova, machines of this type have no competitors, not only in Russia but also in the world, because it embodied the community of leading national research institutions, policy implementation in production.

Plot of plasma cutting machines "Granite" is the only one not only in Yakutsk, but also in the region. The company received a grant of the Russian Government and the support of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises of science and technology to create a domestic import-substituting equipment.

For a subsidiary of "LORP" (Lena United River Shipping) automated "nesting" of the metal is a very important step in the revival of shipbuilding in the improvement and modernization of the fleet maintenance.

The grand event was opened by Director General of OAO "LORP" Sergei Larionov:

— The introduction of modern technologies in the future it is necessary for the shipbuilding industry — said S.A.Larionov. — Over the last year we have built oil pumping station, mastered and passed the turn-key customer eight container filling stations "Arctic", a floating gas station. Thanks to its know-how owners of small boats, boats can be filled right on the river, and villagers — on KAZS. Today is another important step in the long term fleet renewal and development of the shipping company — the opening section plasma cutting. The Navy will build its own, — concluded the Sergei Alexandrovich.

After the inauguration of the new production site with the traditional cutting of the red ribbon, a group of engineers NPF "Granite" — the authors and developers of the new equipment, demonstrated its plasma. Right before our eyes in a matter of minutes jewelry was carved logo LORP.

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