The outstanding Russian scientists awarded the Demidov Prize for 2012



Demidov Prize was established nearly 70 years before the Nobel Prize in the 19th century and were given 34 times. They were awarded the Russians, whose names are known all over the world and made history — the surgeon Nikolai Pirogov, a traveler, academic Ferdinand Wrangel, explorer Ivan Krusenstern and many others. The awards were suspended in 1861, but in 1992, the tradition has been revived. Presentation of the Demidov Prize leads to an increase in interest in science, enhance the prestige of the scientific professions.

In his new history of the Demidov Prize scientists with international renown, has awarded the 20 th time. Since the establishment of the premium it has grown by 15 times and is 1,000,000 rubles.

This year the prize was awarded to an outstanding Russian scientist February 8. Laureate in physics has Academician Evgeny Avrorin, for outstanding contribution to the field of chemistry is marked Ilya I. Mosaic, and in the development of international relations, according to the committee members of the Demidov Prize Foundation, the largest contribution was made Primakov Primakov.

"Each of you — the highest professional, recognized expert of the Russian and international level. I am very pleased that the Day of Russian Science Demidov Prize winners meet exactly in the Sverdlovsk region "- said the governor, president of the Science Foundation Evgeny Demidov Kuyvashev.

Demidov Prize for the Sverdlovsk region have a strong multiplier effect, as it leads to an increase in interest in science, enhance the prestige of scientific professions and makes the Middle Urals, which is becoming a platform of holding status of international events recognized on the world stage, the head of the region.

The head of the region noted that, just as in a market economy growth in investment leads to a multiple increase in the national income, and in the mindset of society Demidov winners visit to the Urals, the presentation of the Demidov Prize leads to an increase in interest in science, enhance the prestige of the scientific professions.



Sverdlovsk region — one of the most high-tech regions of Russia, where the focus of world-famous scientific schools, major universities, industry institutes.

"Today in the Middle Urals no large, socially important project, which does not have an elaborate, balanced scientific basis, not would be based on the opinion of scholars and experts, including those who are sitting in this room," — said Eugene Kuyvashev.

The governor stressed that the work of the scientific foundation of the Demidov, the awards are important because the Sverdlovsk region today claimed to participate in a variety of ambitious projects, such as the World Expo 2020. He urged the winners and all of the scientific community to promote the ideas of the Expo, to talk about the Yekaterinburg region and around the world.

This Eugene Kuyvasheva supported and Senator Edward Rossel, who called to participate in the struggle for the right to show a miracle that only happens once in 100 years.

"20 years ago we put this wonderful tradition initiated by [chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Fund, academician] Zyuganov Month. He came to me and offered to revive the award, and I supported him. Then we determined the amount of the premium to 100 thousand rubles, and I remember that the winners have told me that for them, this amount is similar to 100 thousand dollars. I think it is no coincidence prize was here, in the Urals, because we have the most highly intellectual area. I think now is the time knowing that if we do not raise serious science, we will not achieve anything, "- said Eduard Rossel.

He expressed the hope that in time will become even more premium high status, worldwide fame and a serious financial fund. "Evgeny me in this quest to support. I think he and I will get there slowly, "- said the senator.

For the first time in the modern history of the Demidov Prize cash award is transferred to the charity. Award winner for 2012 Yevgeny Primakov intends to transfer the cash consideration for the computerization of the three orphanages Sverdlovsk region.

"When Primakov [Primakov] learned of awarding him the prize, he was very excited because he believes that it is the most honorable, respected Russian scientific award. Unfortunately, he got sick, but called me and said, "You know, I’ll go to the hospital two days later than the doctors prescribed it to me, because I want to finish the report, which I beg you to read the readings on Demidov," — said the academician, Director of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Dynkin, who arrived in Yekaterinburg to receive the award for Primakov.

"This award is formed, it is 20 years old and I believe that these traditions should be strengthened and developed. It is important that it is awarded to scientists that there is no administrative influence. And I think its specificity lies in the fact that it is associated with the name of Demidov, the Urals, and it is and should remain, but also to get a federal popularity "- says Dynkin.

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