The owners of the village Kadahta (Amur region) open up new production

In p. Kadahta Karymskoe district province launched production of polystyrene foam — best price and quality insulation. Issue mastered the material of a young businessman Alexander Pushkarev, received government support of business project. For the Trans-Baikal region of high-tech production of construction material is new.

Received a grant for the development of their own business and a bank loan Pushkarev purchased special equipment and raw materials, as well as trained in Voronezh on the supplier’s equipment.

Among the advantages of the project: short-term return on investment — only 4 months, favorable — nizkokonkurentnyh Wednesday, 6 to create additional jobs for the villagers, budget efficiency.

Another new production in the village organized a Kadahta entrepreneur Nikolai Pushkarev.

The investment project of individual strength predprinimatelyaa received support Karymskii district administration, went to the regional program to support small business. The interest rate on the loan, which trader spent on the acquisition of technological equipment for processing wood waste subsidized by the budget of the Trans-Baikal region.

It all started in the spring of 2011, when Alexander Pushkarev has been registered at the District State employment center as unemployed. In order to justify the need to attract investment, wrote a business plan "Production of polystyrene boards» and has received start-up capital 58,800 rubles.

In May, his business plan was included in the list of investment projects — grant applicants for public support, and in November received a grant to develop their own business in the amount of 225 thousand rubles in the Ministry of Economic Development of the Trans-Baikal region.


The problem of unclaimed waste timber at the operating company, made a visionary entrepreneur Nikolai Pushkarev to think about her decision. And soon they saw him in the introduction to the cycle raznoplano-Vågå business, another important link. The original idea was to improve the SP making profits from the sale of products of processing chips, twigs, wood chips, bark, slabs, creating an alternative energy source.

To date, the Trans-Baikal region and, in particular, in the area of Karymskoe processing wood waste not only solves the problem of providing the population with affordable energy. But also solves a number of problems associated with a decrease in harmful emissions, reducing the negative impact of energy on the environment, improve the sanitary condition of forests and wood processing enterprises of industrial space, the creation of new jobs.

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