The park Sokolniki (Moscow) will open new facilities

The park "Sokolniki" offers unique "Emerald Town" for children with disabilities, and in a couple of weeks will earn "The People’s Observatory". Toward the beginning of November in the park will start the longest slide in the capital and two skating rinks.

  • Sokolniki Park
  • Sokolniki Park

The old observatory ceased operation in 1980. Since then, the building was in a state of neglect. To date, the room is fully restored, purchased new equipment. The main feature of the observatory will be a large modern telescope.

The grand opening of the new observatory will be held on October 25. The People’s observatory in "Sokolniki" is one of two survivors of standard observatories in the capital. In September, an identical object was launched in park them. Gorky.

Also in November, the park will be open free traditional ice rink with this area of 17,000 square meters on the large circle. Will also open a new rink "Ice" with artificial ice at Festival Square with giant screen.

Also new coming winter will be the longest slide in Moscow. Modern-season slide is equipped with a mechanism for raising a park on the tubing for re descent. Complement the exhibition "Winter in the Park" ice maze area of 280 square meters.

Area rink "Ice" will be 5.4 million square meters. On the territory of the rink will be an additional pavilion rental with bleachers and a stage for concerts and musical accompaniment diskotek.K rink "Ice" will conduct an alley with garlands, decorated like alleys period of the first international exhibition of 1959.

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