The patent for the diesel and TEM31M TEM31G

A team of Yaroslavl Engineering Center headed by director Alexander Vassiliev and deputy director Dmitry Varfolomeyev received a patent for a locomotive and TEM31M TEM31G.

TEM 31 — is biaxial vehicle including a support frame, two wheel-motor unit, a power unit with automatic start-up, the traction inverter, high-voltage chamber, modular cabin management control panels, equipped with multi-function microprocessor-based remote control system, hoods, fans, air cooling the traction motors and the drive motors ducts, machinery brake, the parking brake Automatic coupler devices, fuel tank, characterized in that the device comprises an offset to one end of the vehicle cab control module which has a glazed around the perimeter security system and diagnose the condition and operation of the vehicle, adapted to transmit the information to the control panels.

In addition, the power plant and high-voltage camera mounted on one side of the control room, but under different hoods and equipment brake system installed under the hood on the other side of the control room.

The vehicle TEM31M different from TEM31 fact that the system of protection and diagnostic status and operation of the vehicle includes a range of travel sensors, automatic alarms, the control system of power equipment and instrumentation that provides remote control of the parameters of the power plant.

TEM31M may be different from the performance of diesel plants: with diesel engines Yaroslavl Motor Plant, Cummins and Caterpillar USA, generators Lerov Zomer and Simens.

TEM31G different from TEM31M fitted in it a hybrid power plant, and a permanent magnet generator, kolesomotornymi units with motor-axial bearings.

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