The patient did not know that he is dead




73-year-old Vietnamese man who spent seven hours a refrigerated morgue at a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, was discovered by his relatives is alive.

Nguyen Van Quan admitted to the hospital last week complaining of shortness of breath. By the time Kwan failed to deliver to the emergency room, he, according to his relatives, "all blue in the face." Doctors pronounced heart failure, blood pressure was at zero, the pulse was not determined. Within 30 minutes, the doctors tried to resuscitate Wan Kwan, but to no avail.

August 15 at 23:00 Kwan was sent to the hospital morgue. There, after seven hours, it was found daughter and son-in arriving to pick up the "body" for burial. Imagine their surprise, and I think, horrified when they saw him … breathing. Kwan was sent back to intensive care in the ICU.

According to the newspaper "Vietnam News", which quotes a morgue officials, at the time when Kwan was put in the refrigerator, there is only one cooler. Apparently, this circumstance did not give him freeze to death.

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