The Peace opened a branch of the medical college of Yakutsk

Opening a branch of medical college in the Peace will solve the problem of staff shortages of health workers, particularly middle managers.
To earn affiliate medical college in the Peace took two years of joint work of Ministry of Health of the Republic and the administration of the Mirny area.

Mirny area is not the first year is seriously in need of medical personnel, particularly middle managers. Tried to solve this problem in different ways. Conducted one-off campaign for the nurses were trying to attract professionals from other regions, but, unfortunately, these methods have a problem.

As part of the target program "Development of Public Health in Mirny area" was developed section "Staffing Health", where one of the items was the creation of the Peace Branch Medical College.
The basis of the new school will serve high school number 26 and the Central Regional Hospital. The teachers will ICBD doctors — specialists of the highest category and the teachers of the school. For the conduct of individual disciplines will be sent experts from the head of college.
At present, the Mirny branch is tasked with the training of nurses. The material resources of the institution will be gradually built up over time and will probably start training for other professions.

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