The Pentagon building in Ukraine laboratory for the study of anthrax

and the plague

The idea to build a village Shelkostantsiya (Merefa, 30 km from Kharkiv) virus laboratory under the auspices of the United States detonated the measured life merefyan. About half a year the locals are trying to prove that their city — not a place for experiments, funded by U.S.. Scientists insist that there is no danger and continue to promote the project a future lab.

The U.S. Defense Department wants residents to use Merefa and Kharkiv region as guinea pigs in the development of biological weapons. We will not allow our people to disappear from the face of the earth "- the content of the leaflets pasted across Merefa. It was a reaction to the plans of Kharkiv Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary Medicine to build a reference laboratory highly dangerous animal diseases at the expense of the U.S. government. 

As we found out, the area of the proposed building belongs to this institution, located close to the residential neighborhoods, a few years ago, the Pentagon employees come here and chose this place to build, here later uprooted huge blue spruce, until it was over. Reference Laboratory, the third level of biosecurity (out of four possible maximum) — is at the consultation stage of the project — he is ready and on the expertise of the institute "Harkovproekt." What experiments with viruses of veterinary scientists want to pursue, without spetsobrazovaniya difficult to understand. Scientific research, diagnosis and prevention of infectious diseases of animals, microorganisms storage works "IEKVM" — said in the official documents. In simple terms, the researchers will examine strains of anthrax, plague, avian influenza, foot and mouth disease and other viruses, to improve, to make them more pathogenic to develop vaccines against them.

As told to "lead" the director of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Academician Boris Stegnii, the laboratory was planned under the program between Ukraine and the United States, signed in 2001, to "reduce biological threats." "We have been coming and American scientists have come to the conclusion that we have a very low biosecurity standards that do not meet international standards", — said Stegnii. No biological weapons, according to a scientist in a laboratory creating will not. But the locals it’s just as comforting. They have written hundreds of letters, head of the Regional Council Sergey Chernov asked the scientists to find another place.

According to official reports of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine, "the work is carried out with the strains of micro-organisms in all research institutions of veterinary, biological and medical profiles of Ukraine and CIS countries with the appropriate requirements of non-compliance with biosafety and biosecurity." The Americans decided to help us, to prevent the release of pathogens into the environment and human infection, explains B.Stegny. U.S. Department of Defense has already invested about $ 20 million in reconstruction and technical re-equipment of a number of institutions, in particular in the Anti-Plague Institute in Odessa, Lviv Institute of Epidemiology, Central SES in Kiev, a number of regional sanitary-epidemiological station.

In the construction of the veterinary laboratory in Shelkostantsii Americans planned to invest about $ 15 million. Director of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine says that the reference laboratory is needed to control infectious animal diseases, virus research and vaccine development. "Conceptual design coordinated with the Central sanepidemstantsiya Ministry of Health of Ukraine, meets the hygienic and veterinary-sanitary standards. The facility will not produce harmful emissions and pose a threat to the environment, the health and life of the population "- Boris Stegnii wrote in an official letter to the mayor Merefa Benjamin Sith.

Meanwhile, residents Shelkostantsii collected hundreds of signatures against the construction of the laboratory in 70 steps from their homes and send letters to all sorts of instances. "We will not allow this construction, and we will fight against the invasion of the invaders who want to turn Ukraine into a testing ground for questionable technology. Otherwise die of humanity "- said the" lead "the chairman of ecological society" Zelena Tower "Nicholas Ruchkin.

"This facility will be a military objective of regime the U.S. Defense! Such is already in Georgia! Neither we nor the whole Merefa do not need it. We have already collected the signatures of the majority of the inhabitants of the village and will require stopping the project. We do not want to be used as guinea pigs in the development of biological weapons. We understand that the laboratory is designed to examine the effect of pathogens on the environment and humans. City Merefa — wrong place for such a construction ", — under such treatment podpsialis hundreds of local residents.

But Boris Stegnii not give up: "We need to raise the standards of biosafety in Ukraine, so we will lobby for the construction of the laboratory in the National Security Council." In addition, our law enforcement sources have assured that the case of the project to move forward in the Kharkiv region will not give.

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