The Pentagon has estimated Russian hackers

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Domestic kibervzlomschiki also not averse to work for the U.S. government.

U.S. authorities intend to use the skills of the best hackers of the world for kiberborby terrorism, as well as for the development of safety systems of government structures. Barack Obama adviser and inventor of the term "cyberwar" John told the Guardian Arkilla Defense Ministry’s intention to hire about a hundred hackers, and the first Russian.

Obama adviser accused the Pentagon that he is investing billions of dollars in "meaningless aircraft carriers, tanks and planes, but much more effective would be the costs of experts."

According Arkilly, United States far behind the other major powers in the world kibergonke.

— We intend to create an equivalent English Bletchli Park (Bletchley Park, or Station X — mansion, located in the town of Bletchley in the center of England, where during the Second World War, has a master cryptographic unit of the UK). Will hire Russian and Asians. They are undoubtedly the best in the world of crackers. I have already made contact with some very influential hackers. One of them even introduced me to the director of a large company to assess the vulnerability of its information system: he managed to hack it for two minutes — said Arkilla.

Russian hackers do not rule out the possibility of working for the U.S. government, subject to a number of key conditions.

— I agree, if I am offered a decent salary and good living conditions. Yet it is important that my work was not directed against Russia. Become a traitor I do not want to. In the U.S. there are lots of pluses: opportunities for self-realization, a high standard of living, a highly developed society — told "Izvestia" one of the Russian kibervzlomschikov, known online by the name of Zeus. According to another, work in state agencies is quite a risky business, but, on the other hand, is very profitable and stable.

U.S. authorities are aware of the fact that calculate and negotiate with the Russian cyberhawks will be difficult for many reasons. In particular, due to the tense relations between Russia and the United States, and also because of regular harassment by the FBI hackers.

Interestingly, Arkilla criticized the practice of the international fight against cybercrime.

— The political and military control would be much more effective when we work experienced guys. They are trying to harass and imprison. On the one hand, it’s funny, but on the other? very disturbing — said Obama adviser.

He recalled the story of a Scottish hacker Gary McKinnon, who was one of the American prosecutors called a "criminal who committed the biggest hack of military computers ever." After a series of trials, he was eventually extradited to the United States.

— With such use of force is necessary to be careful. They do not always work. We are talking about a huge human capital. Russian hackers in general one of the most progressive in the world. Cyber attack on their servers, the Pentagon in 2008 carried a real threat to national security. Then there was the invasion of a top-secret network and resources of the U.S. Central Command, which is responsible for the military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. It was an unprecedentedly powerful hacking, — he said.

Experts believe that in the "kibersotne Pentagon" is a clear majority of Russians.

— Of course, the Russian hackers on this list is much more than Asians. The right people have more than enough. They do not advertise themselves, but if they come out, I’m sure that dialogue is possible — said Zeus.

The U.S. government is increasingly used by hackers for their own purposes and in the success of the program to attract foreign kibervzlomschikov Arkilla doubts. He cites the example of the United States in May of this year, when U.S. experts hacked sites "Al-Qaeda" in Yemen. The effectiveness of Russian hackers, he also supplied an eloquent example.

— Most effective cyber attack? those that are included in the overall military strategy, — he said. — Remember when, during the war between Russia and Georgia, the first block access to the site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia and has a number of resources, thereby paralyzing their work? A network of Estonia, which they broke during a diplomatic scandal in 2007? Russian, of course, the leaders on Cybertron. They understand the strategic use of these technologies.

Obama adviser accused the Pentagon that he is investing billions of dollars in "meaningless aircraft carriers, tanks and planes, but much more effective would be the costs of experts."

— Our mission — to provide those who agree to work for us, good conditions. America will never regret funds for world’s best, so we are confident that we can convince them to cooperate with us. 

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