The People’s movie. On the 28 Panfilov Citizens were given to 10 times more

than requested. But this is just the beginning

According to the platform of public donations, collecting money for the film "28 Panfilov," 4 days before the end of the first phase of the campaign citizens were given the project more than 3 million. 

We recall that a month ago, St. Petersburg’s independent studio Lybian Palette Studios, desperate to get money for a movie about the heroism of "Panfilov" division of public and private funds, has begun to raise funds on the internet. The campaign was supported kinoperevodchik D.Yu.Puchkov and the audience of his website, as well as the site of "But" and its audience.

To start working on a painting authors claim the amount of 300 thousand rubles. They had intended to collect in 30 days. At the end of 26 days of fundraising figure is 351,000 rubles. Thus, the goal has been achieved with a tenfold overlap.

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