The perfect woman (parable)

The disciples began to ask his teacher — You are so wise, so respectable. You all respect, they all want to follow you. But we have one question — why did not you have a wife? The teacher hesitated, but then began to tell. — You see, I was always looking for the perfect woman! In search I visited many countries. One day I met a beautiful girl. She was an incredible beauty! No man can resist her charm! But, unfortunately, it was not as beautiful soul. So we had to leave. Then I met another young girl. She was beautiful, intelligent and educated. But, unfortunately, we do not get along. And could not get along together. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful women, but he wanted his wife — perfect woman. — That’s what you have not met such? [Cut] — Met. One day I met her. The ideal woman: smart, beautiful, charming, highly spiritual, kind, elegant — in a word perfection! — So you married her? — The disciples did not quiet down. — No! To my misfortune, she was looking for the perfect man!

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