The Pharaohs came from outer space?




British archaeologists for 8 years working in the Egyptian Feytaha suburb, where they were discovered by the ancient underground tombs of the pharaohs. Their age is much higher than the known Ancient Egyptian mummies. History calls that mysterious period about which little is known, "legendary." It was then that the first pharaoh was mentioned as a real person. Since then begins an ancient Egyptian culture — the people who came out of nowhere. People who do not belong to any ethnic group. They themselves say they came from God.

In the study of mummies their Faytaha were made amazing discoveries. These mummies date back to the year 6000 BC. e. But it is not their age, the most important thing. It was found that skin cells mummies so different from the human, it may only be the result of different mating types — terrestrial and some other.

So who were the first pharaohs?.

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