The pilot model of Lada Granta started producing at the Izhevsk Automobile Plant


From the conveyor Izhevsk car came down the first commercial car LADA Granta. According to the press service of the company, assembling Lada was completed today, June 28.

First Izhevsk Grant — this is the beginning of the pilot batch of 50 vehicles, which precedes the series production of this model.

"To produce the first izhevskoy LADA Granta AvtoVAZ set stamped parts, and all other operations — welding, painting and assembly — all our work. I believe that the factory team ran it perfectly — the deadlines start of production and quality standards are met. A new stage of life Izhevsk plant. We still have a lot of work ahead of a comprehensive program of modernization of the plant, the new models and the yield on the production of 300,000 vehicles a year, "- said General Director of" OAS "Alexey Alexeev.

According to the director of the project at AvtoVAZ LADA Granta Oleg Grunenkov, "Grant — the best-selling sedan in Russia, the car is very interesting market, so the organization of the production of LADA Granta at the Izhevsk Automobile Plant is a timely and necessary step. Production and employment opportunities Izhevsk plant will achieve the highest quality of manufacture of the current and future car. "

The vehicles of the pilot batch will be transferred to the engineering department "IzhAuto" test, and the part is directed to dealers.

Serial production of LADA Granta Izhevsk begin in the third quarter of 2012. The company plans and organization for punching LADA Granta and other promising models.

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