The pilot project House of Hope — a new development a smart home

The exhibition Buildex, held in Moscow, "Crocus Expo" from 2 to 5 April, a presentation of the project of construction of low-rise home in the Tula region using energy-saving technologies.

In the basement slab was used polyacrylonitrile fiber production of the holding company "Composite".

Pilot project "House of Hope" implemented in the Tula region, with the support of the association "Greenstreet" and "RUSNANO" under the state program "to move people from dilapidated housing." The building will be constructed with energy-saving technologies.

The goal — to make the house as efficient in terms of consumption of resources: water, light, heat, and others, as well as environmentally friendly. The house will be certified to the system "Greening". Construction began last fall and will be completed this summer. 

In order to strengthen the foundation of the future construction was used polyacrylonitrile fiber, which is produced in the factory "Composite-Fiber" in Saratov. The company is a path of "Rosatom" and controlled by the holding company "Composite".

"The fiber can significantly improve strength, deformability and performance characteristics of concrete: fracture toughness, abrasion resistance, impact resistance," — said the engineer to develop new products in the construction of the holding company "Composite" Ilgiz Minsadrov.

According to him, polyacrylonitrile fiber will also be used as an additive in the foam, which will fill in the design of the future building. The structure of foam — foam. The use of fiber helps to reduce the processes of cracking during the curing of concrete.

The project will be launched over a dozen products portfolio companies "RUSNANO".

The cost per square meter is equal to 40 thousand rubles. As expected, energoeffetivnye homes similar to Tula, in the coming years there will be many regions of the country.

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