The pilots conducted the first Baltic Fleet in the new year training flights

Pilots separate naval anti-submarine helicopter squadron of naval aviation of the Baltic Fleet (BF) conducted in 2013, the first training flights from a military airfield in the village of Don.

As part of combat training tasks the squadron worked off and landing of helicopters Ka-27, the flights in a given square for the opening of the sea surface situation and find a simulated enemy submarines in the daytime and at night.

Training flights were carried out in adverse weather conditions. During the execution of the tasks cloud base was 150-200 m to the ground visibility — no more than 1.5 km. Among the mandatory exercises performed aviators — takeoff, flying in the clouds, the approach established in the minimum weather.

As the commander of the air base Guard Lt. Col. Eugene Astakhov, this year, each aircraft BF Marine helicopter pilot to be held in the air at least 110 hours, and therefore increased the number of shifts, a helicopter squadron. Currently, despite the low temperatures continue helicopter training flights.

In 2012, the crews of the squadron completed more than 1.5 million flights, 40% of them — at night. Total flying time pilots of the aircraft was more than 1.8 million hours and the average flight time each driver — more than 80 hours. As part of military training helicopter pilots took part in more than 60 exercises in search and detection of submarines using a conventional enemy antisubmarine weapons by day and night, as well as search and rescue in distress at sea of people, lifting them on board from the water surface.

This year, the SC-27 crews will take part in the company and battalion tactical exercises, tactical exercises in registered groups of naval forces and international naval exercises, as well as in the distant ocean expeditions BF ships in the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean. One of the most important combat training for pilots of naval aviation fleet will be the participation of operational-strategic exercises "West-2013".

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