The pilots of the Western Military District, embracing the latest Su-34 bombers

In Lipetsk aviation center of pilots and navigators in the second formed in the Russian squadron in the Su-34 Voronezh air base in the Western Military District (WEST) launched a planned retraining for a new aircraft technology.

Pilots that have flown on bombers Su-24M, will examine the device, control system, and the principles of operation of the latest multi-bomber Su-34 and airborne weapons used on this plane. Practical mastery of the latest technology will be held for the Voronezh, during routine flight operations at the airport Baltimore.

Engineers and technicians who will service the aircraft of the Second Squadron, was completely re-training for new aircraft, and is ready to receive equipment at the airport.

The first in the Army Air Force (IAF) Russian squadron in the Su-34 was formed in late 2011 in the current year, she participated in all flight tactical command post, intergeneric and interspecific exercises that took place in the secondary cooling zone. All tasks assigned to the pilots of the Su-34, have been successfully completed.

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