The plan to build roads in Tyumen meets the needs of citizens

Tyumen. Plan for the construction and reconstruction of roads in the regional center in 2012 to the expectations of citizens and is aimed at the development of infrastructure in new housing estates. This was stated by deputy Tyumen City Council Sergei Medvedev, commenting on the results of the meeting of the parliamentary commission for Urban Planning and Land Affairs on May 24.

Tyumen in Russia today is the only city where to begin construction of two river bridges and overpasses on the road three interchanges. Following them through the Tour, cut the regional center, moved, and the third new bridge.

The project, of course, very expensive. However, there is no alternative, the work can not be put off — or in five years the city has to beat the traffic paralysis. Already, of the three bridges across the river, only one — the street of Trade Union — to cope with traffic flow. It is quite wide, and his physical condition does not cause anxiety. Bridges on the streets and Chelyuskintsev Melnikaite contrast, old and narrow. Meanwhile, over the past 15 years, traffic on these facilities has increased by 10 times.

Technical examination of the objects revealed: they are worn out and need to be reconstructed. To delay — an unnecessary risk. The townspeople remembered as the summer of 1982 and fell in with the Tour by bus central span of the once famous, sample 20-ies, the wooden bridge, which exploited, they say, to the last.

Experts have proposed to build almost right next to the existing and new bridges after they start to take on repairs. Built structures will be some time plays the role of stand-ins. Upon completion of the reconstruction of the bridges is expected to earn in a bunch and will provide reliable transport to the governors beyond the river apartment blocks, where the population increased rapidly — new buildings here abound.

Stand-in bridge on the street. Chelyuskinites:

Stand-in bridge for ul.Melnikayte:

Yet two new river bridge city is not enough. In GENPROEKT scheduled two more that should withdraw from the busy traffic flow. Already in this decade do not seem to be without a bridge over the Tour in the north-eastern outskirts of the city.

Work has already begun on the road junction on the ring str. Moscow highway:





In the coming weeks will begin to build an interchange on the Installers and Melnikaite.

Road interchange on the street. Installers through the Trans-Siberian Railway:

Road interchange on the street. Melnikaite:


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