The plane Murena lift into the air in 2012


Aircraft project "Murena"

Moscow. December 19. Airports — "Firm" MVEN "plans in 2012 to lift into the air the new development — light multi-purpose twin-engine four-seater plane, having the working designation" Murena ", said" AviaPort "Deputy CEO Michael Nevel.

According to him, now is the technical design of the aircraft, "Moray". The plans for the coming years — the development and deployment of serial production "Moray" in Kazakhstan aviasborochnom plant, which will start its operations in 2012, the development of agricultural production aircraft, "Farmer-2" and "Farmer-500." "Today, there is a fundamental desire of the Kazakh side in time to master production of" Moray ", — said the source.

"When designing the aircraft," Murena "developer started from the need to create an airplane with a high cruising speed, a high level of comfort and acceptable to potential buyers in the aviation market price", — said the source.


According to him, the plane made by the classical scheme vysokoplan two engines with pusher propellers mounted on the wing and T-tail. Retractable landing gear. The aircraft is planned for the project to equip the two piston engines Rotax-914 rated at 115 hp The fuel is gasoline AI-95. Top speed of 330 km / h. Takeoff / distance equal to 270/220 m Normal take-off weight — 1260 kg, payload 462 kg. Fuel consumption — 25-42 l / h

Dmitry Kozlov

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