The Planetarium offers club for students (with photos)

The Planetarium dials the schoolboys the first year of the Astronomical Mug

Enrollment will be based on the results of interviews, which will begin in September. 90 of the most capable and enthusiastic astronomy boys 11-12 years old will have the opportunity to develop their skills, learn new things and meet interesting people.

Especially for circle members at the Planetarium provides classrooms. Classes will be held in the Great Hall of the Star, using a fiber optic starry sky projector "Universarium M9", and, of course, in the observatory and astronomical site equipment which serves as a training and research facilities for accurate observations and measurements.

The course will run from the beginning of October to the end of May. Education will be held once a week. The first in the new academic year, lectures will be held on October 2. General course of study consists of 29 sessions lasting 2 academic hours.The program is the first course of the Astronomical circle includes six main thematic blocks: "Astronomy — the beginning," "Solar System," "Movement of the planets," "Telescopes and Observatory", "How to work with the telescope", "What and how to observe the sky" . The guys talk about the history of the science of astronomy, the origin of the solar system, the laws of planetary motion, types of telescopes, their purpose and characteristics, observatories, and the basic methods of visual observation. Members of the circle itself will conduct observations of the moon, planets and small bodies of the solar system, double and variable stars.

In addition to traditional lectures circle members will find a lot of different excursions, meetings with interesting people and field observations. In the past school year, the children visited the observatory at Krasnaya Presnya, met and talked with the pilot-cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Vladimir Dzhanibekov, an outstanding scientist and astronomer, a professor of astrophysics and stellar astronomy SAI, a graduate of the Moscow Planetarium Astronomy mug Anatoly bolts and other interesting people. First-year students took part in the Moscow Astronomy Olympiad, which took the first place prize. And at the end of the school year took place leaving guys in Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory.

Fill in the form and to join the circle can be astronomical here.

Photo from the planetarium section of the Astronomical mug

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