The plant Bay began the reconstruction and modernization of the dry dock in the shops

Dock Complex is one of the most important components of production capacity, "the Gulf": this is where the main work is focused on large-tonnage shipbuilding and ship repair for the execution of orders. And the presence of the plant in dry dock (length — 364 m, width — 60 m) removable intermediate speeds you can use it as a two-chamber, while ensuring the execution of several independent works.

According to information provided by the Chief Engineer question of reconstruction of the dry dock of the plant is long overdue. Of course, maintenance of crane equipment and systems for air and gases at the plant was carried out on a regular basis, as for repair and intermediate gates of the dock, then from the date of commissioning, namely in 1971, reconstruction work is not carried out even once.
Ultrasound examination of the thickness of the metal showed that in some places wear facilities was approximately 60%.
Currently, the repair intermediate shutter "Gulf" has already begun: the works on clearing the gate of silt, replacing the metal and its color, complete repair of pumping equipment dock. After the completion of these works factory workers begin to repair the main gate, which with the help of divers will be dismantled on a specially constructed pontoon, and then transported to the factory shop, where it will be reconstructed.
In addition, the plant started modernization electroplating section galvanizing and paint stripping pipes. This complex works as one of the measures to improve the efficiency of production has been recommended by the German consulting company IMG.
It is worth noting that the implementation of all these works was planned more than a year ago, but due to the large amount of work on shipbuilding realize they can not be. The current time simple business support services allows the plant to carry out the necessary remedial work before downloading "the Gulf" will once again be the maximum.

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