The plant began mass production RASKAT static trehvaltsovoj rink


In November 2012, Rybinsk plant "RASKAT" launched into serial production static roller RC-13DD, for sealing surfaces of all types of asphalt and bitumen-mineral mixtures, according to the official press release TK "Ivanovo brand." This model was introduced as a pilot model for STT-2011 and attracted the interest of the visitors.

Ice Rink RC-13DD has a number of benefits and features, among them — exceptional uniformity of compaction and high maneuverability. High linear static pressure rollers (57 kg / cm) allows a good seal on the bridges, ramps and close to the residential and industrial facilities where you can not use vibratory rollers, and exercise is particularly effective seal stone mastic asphalt (SMA), a press release. Maneuverability rink is provided by a small turning radius and applying hydraulic control.

Mounted on roller Kubota engine meets European safety standards (noise, emissions from the exhaust gases, etc.). Displayed on the control display the main parameters of the engine and the roller (engine speed, speed, voltage, fuel level), provided the alarm temperature and oil pressure in the engine.

Roller is equipped with three braking systems that operate independently of each other: service, parking and back, according to a press release.





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