The plant Chelyabinsk Construction and Road Machines produced 6,000 th grader DZ-98

Legendary grader has a rich history, the production of his predecessors began in the first half of the last century. Today DZ-98 remains an indispensable tool in road construction. This is the only hard grader, who works in the harsh environment of the northern latitudes and is the most powerful car in its class in Russia.

Grader DZ-98 is indispensable for the implementation of large volumes of excavation and grading operations. The machine is widely used in railway, airport, land reclamation, irrigation and hydro-technical construction.

Chelyabinsk company, formerly bearing the name of the DV Kolyuschenko, manufactures motor graders with 40-ies of the last century, and in 1972 was presented the first hard grader DZ-98 with capacity of 250 liters. with., which became the hallmark of the plant and was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR. In 1977, the Chelyabinsk heavy motor graders awarded honorary pentagon — national quality mark, which again and again confirmed by certification.

The machine produced in various versions, has been continuously improved, confirmed its quality standards for complex objects of road, urban and industrial construction, including on the Baikal-Amur Mainline, on the reconstruction work in the Chechen Republic.

Mykola Rudenko, General Director of "ChSDM": "Without exaggeration I can say that the grader DZ-98 has a special place in the history of Russian machine-building, remaining popular today. Demand for these machines is stable, we annually produce about 300 graders this model. For the plant and our collective release six thousandth grader is an important industrial event. We are proud to continue and increase the traditions established by Ural machine builders for more than 60 years ago. "

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