The plant crane issued 200th crane boom ovoid

In August 2012 the assembly line "crane" descended 200th crane boom ovoid Profile — a 25-ton "Ivanovec" KS-45717-1R on the chassis "Ural". Serial production of mobile cranes with booms unique to Russia was launched in Ivanov at the "crane" in March 2012

To date, the boom ovoid cross-section profile is the most progressive, their application in the design of the crane allows you to create models with the highest possible characteristics of the cargo. For example, equipping a 25-ton crane "Ivanovec" new arrows, improved ability to lift loads up to 1.5 times compared with the same cranes that have traditional Hexagonal boom. Arrows ovoid profile also equipped with cranes "Ivanovec" carrying capacity of 16, 35, 40 and 50 tonnes"Crane" — the first and only Russian manufacturer of arrows ovoid shape. The new production of the most robotic and has a closed loop flow of metal from before the boom assembly. From laying the blank to the finished product takes no more than 3 hours. A distinctive feature of the manufacture of arrows ovoid profile at the "Crane" — the use of a press to produce the desired effects in the cross section radius. All operations are carried out with utmost precision, ensuring excellent quality of the finished product.

In 2012, the "crane" is planning to release more than 500 crane with a boom ovoid profileI am.

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